Keep Em High Ladies

What should we be keeping high ladies? 3 Things (conveniently printed on my t-shirt): Heels Our Heads Our Standards Why? Well first of all, I believe a woman in heels can do anything. If you have enough determination to walk around all day in high heels, you have enough determination to do anything. Second, it … More Keep Em High Ladies

Winter Beach Day

Let’s face it, no matter how warm it is everywhere else in the world, it’s still winter here in Germany.  Boo. Oh well.  Shorts will have to wait a little bit longer.  This Easter weekend I headed up to the North Sea Coast to enjoy some sun (cold sun), ocean (although unswimmable), family, and long … More Winter Beach Day

Urban Show

I am always looking for new backdrops for my photos. I know many bloggers choose to only focus their outfits and blur out other details in the photos, but I love showing a bit of what I am doing or where I am in that moment. This backdrop was an obvious “show and tell”. While … More Urban Show

Guten Morgen Berlin

One of my favorite things about Berlin is that it is the city of contrast. Walking through the streets you will be surrounded by business men and women, teens, punks, hippies, tourists, and everyone else possible. It is such a wonderful mixing pot of peoples, cultures, and histories. Fashion in Berlin is also a crazy … More Guten Morgen Berlin