The UK just keeps turning em’ out. The band Bastille (named after the holiday Bastille Day on which the lead singer was born) started up in 2011/2012 and has produced an incredible first album “Bad Blood”. Their studio album, of course, sounds incredible, but what I love more from them is their live performances, especially … More Bastille


So Britain may put out some of the best bands/vocalists, but the French dominate with Dj’s. I have no clue if these guys have made it over to America yet, but I imagine they will! I love the vintage, early 1900’s vibe to this song. I love it when Dj’s use real instruments as well … More C2C

John Newman

I heard this song on the radio yesterday and nearly died. Wow. Listen to this right now! I believe he is from the UK. What is in the water over there? Seriously, so many great musicians have come from those islands! The Beatles, Coldplay, U2, and now John Newman. His voice is so raw. It’s … More John Newman

Chloe Charles

I discovered Chloe Charles at the Bremen, Germany Jazz It Up Festival in April 2013. My husband and I went for fun, just expecting a nice evening of music. Within the first 20 seconds of her singing, our mouths both visibly opened and stayed open for this whole song. She is incredible!  Her control over … More Chloe Charles