Once again, Bremen is freezing. I know, it’s winter, I should be used to it, but seriously. Can’t. Stand. Being. Cold. Ever. So layering is where it’s at. Even layering pants is cool (and warm). When layering tops, make sure they all hit on different parts of the body, with two being optimally longer. Shirt … More Layers

Sunny and Cold

Today was the first day of sun (and the first day I have left the apartment) in at least a week! I was sick, so no way I am going out in the rain, so sorry for not posting for a while (or taking my jacket off here, still not 100% yet). Anyway, don’t let … More Sunny and Cold

Winter Elegance

When it comes to chunky knit sweaters, the first descriptive word to come to mind is usually not elegant. Cozy, warm, chunky, those are sweater adjectives. But paired with the right accessories, shoes, and skirt, elegance can be achieved while wearing a sweater. This is the perfect combination if you need/want an elegant outfit in … More Winter Elegance

The Phone Post

Sometimes it’s just not possible to have a photographer around, and you are having a killer outfit day, so what do you do? That’s right, you find the perfectly lit dressing room, whip out your phone* and use the mirrors to your advantage. *You may notice I use two different phones; mine died, so I … More The Phone Post


Today’s outfit was was composed of stolen items (not literally stolen, that’s bad), but a sweatshirt stolen from my husband, and pants stolen from my summer wardrobe. These fantastic silk pants are usually what one would envision wearing at the beach (which I did here), but I love them, so I figured I would try … More Stolen

Ice and Snow

Well hello! Sorry for the absence, almost 4 months! Completely unacceptable! I have been all over, back in the US, all over here in Germany, and just haven’t had the opportunity to blog. But now I am back! 🙂 Yay. Also, weiter gehts! With the new year came new hair (as I’m sure it did … More Ice and Snow

Double Denim

Double denim is pretty cool. Everyone is doing it: models, actresses, marine biologists (me ;)) The denim makes for a great canvas for rad accessories turning it into a great street style look. Accessories include leather lace up boots, a leather bomber, striped beanie, and a pretty leather and leopard purse. Beanie from BE Headwear … More Double Denim

Military Snap-Back

I used to live in snap back caps. At 13 I started constantly stealing them from my brother (much to his great displeasure). Then about 3 years ago I just stopped wearing them… time to bring em back, especially because my husband is starting a pretty cool collection for me to steal from again 😉 … More Military Snap-Back

Courtyard Wonder

My favorite thing about Italy are the fabulous inner courtyards (okay, okay, I have a thousand favorite things about Italy, but just humor me ;)). When you walk down the street, from the outside buildings just look normal, boring, shabby or even run down. But then you open the doors, and wonder happens. Hanging gardens, … More Courtyard Wonder