Today’s outfit was was composed of stolen items (not literally stolen, that’s bad), but a sweatshirt stolen from my husband, and pants stolen from my summer wardrobe. These fantastic silk pants are usually what one would envision wearing at the beach (which I did here), but I love them, so I figured I would try them out for winter.

*Bonus!!! The best part about wearing flowing silk pants is the ability to wear thermal leggings underneath. Let’s be honest ladies, it’s winter, it’s cold, we usually have to compromise style for avoiding frostbite. Thermal leggings are a girls best friend, but the enemy of skinny jeans. Not however, of these silk pants. Also, in Bremen, you never know when it’s going to rain, so having a go-to pair of short black boots that are also rain boots is pretty smart.

Menswear for women is in, just open any editorial fashion magazine. And we can wear it just as good as the boys! So go raid your boyfriends/husbands/brothers/best friends closet. A second wardrobe for free?! Yes please. Don’t forget your lipstick though 😉

Mädels, es ist kalt. Die meisten von uns ziehen Thermo/warme Leggings einfach unter alles-Röcke, Kleider und Jeans. Aber Skinny Jeans und Leggings zusammen gehen garnicht. Lasst die Skinny Jeans an den kalten Tagen im Schrank und tragt die coolen weiten Sommer Hosen. Danach macht etwas was unorthodoxes und geht “shoppen” in den Klamotten eures Freundes/Manns/Bruders. Die Kombination von etwas männlichem (dieser Pulli) mit der Sommerhose und ein girly Lippenstift in greller Farbe. Das verdreht garantiert allen den Kopf. 🙂

Also, was sagt ihr zu diese Kombi? Würdet ihr etwas ähnliches auch tragen? Gute Woche euch allen!

What to you think of this outfit? Comment and let me know.                                          Have a fabulous week all! ❤

Photos: Henrike Bosse –







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