Ice and Snow


Well hello! Sorry for the absence, almost 4 months! Completely unacceptable! I have been all over, back in the US, all over here in Germany, and just haven’t had the opportunity to blog. But now I am back! 🙂 Yay. Also, weiter gehts!

With the new year came new hair (as I’m sure it did for many). I am calling mine ice hair. One step colder than granny hair 😉 And I ADORE it! All thanks to Headhunter Salon in Bremen. They are GENIUSES!* Seriously cannot recommend them highly enough. When Detelef suggested an undertone of black (gasp!), I made it very clear I had never had black hair and was unsure. He insisted it would be amazing, and it is. It’s also the perfect cut for growing out a side cut, so any of you ladies wanted to grow yours out, asymmetrical style is your friend!

*Also, Leute in Bremen! Wenn ihr neue, einzigartige Haare haben wollt, dann ab zu Headhunter! Wenn ihr gar kein Idee habt, aber wisst, dass ihr was anders haben wollt, fragt Detlef. Hier gehts zu ihrer Facebook Page. Ich bin immer begeistert von seinem Talent. Ich hatte einen side-cut, aber will es jetzt wachsen lassen und er hat mir den perfekten Schnitt verpasst so dass ich nicht so ungleichmässig aussieht und sauber auswachsen kann.

Bremen has been freezing lately, -10 to be exact, so colder than freezing…That means layers, sweaters, huge knit scarves, knee high socks, and the go-to boot of the century, Hunter Wellingtons*. You all know I love them. I know you love them too. Even the freezing weather can’t keep me out though. It’s just too beautiful, and today was no exception: icy branches, snowy paths, and dusky sunsets in the background.

*Wichtiger Winter Hinweiss: Hunter Stiefel sind am BESTEN besonders für Bremen (weil es immer so wunderschön nass ist 😉 ). Die sind warm, haben ein gutes Profil und sehen cool aus. Punkt. Muss man haben.

What do you all think of the new hair?! Would you do it? Let me know!




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