Courtyard Wonder

My favorite thing about Italy are the fabulous inner courtyards (okay, okay, I have a thousand favorite things about Italy, but just humor me ;)). When you walk down the street, from the outside buildings just look normal, boring, shabby or even run down. But then you open the doors, and wonder happens. Hanging gardens, beautiful ironwork, charming doorways, and winding staircases. They are simply wonderful. Our little apartment (thank you Airbnb) had the charming winding staircase, the perfect place for a photo shoot.

This shirt dress from H&M is the best thing to happen for summer. Seriously, I want to wear it all the time. Also, either they tagged it wrong, or the sizing is really off on this piece because it is a size 34! (XS to the non-Europeans). I think the only time I was XS was when I was about 12. Just shows you it doesn’t matter what your tag says, you are more than your size. Anyway, with a classic hat and some sandals, it makes for an easy, lovely outfit for exploring the city.

How would you wear this shirt dress? How do you think I should wear it next? Comment and let me know! I’ll mention you in the post of the style you suggested! ❤

Have a lovely week all!

wpid-20150701_182504.jpg wpid-20150701_172553.jpgwpid-20150701_175152.jpg wpid-20150701_190029.jpg


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