Summer Beanie with BE

IMG_7351Summer in Bremen means a whole variety of things. One never knows what to wear in the morning, because the day could start off boiling hot, then start pouring rain 5 hours later, or vice versa. It’s fashion purgatory sometimes. However, really cool accessories make it bearable: enter BE Headwear (and this really cool bomber jacket).

BE Headwear is a sweet little company that makes Bluetooth head gear, including beanies, sweatbands, and helmet units for everyone from skaters, to skiers, to fashionistas, to the everyday lover of a cord free life. You can listen to music, and also take phone calls! Win, win. What I love is that I don’t lose the sounds of the street as I do with traditional headphones. I ride my bike daily, so it is important for me to be able to hear cars or trams. These beanies allow me to rock out and still ride safe. *Plus they look cool too!

Also, move over Nike Free. These Sketchers Memory Foam are waaaaayyyy comfier. Seriously. And cheaper. Win, Win. I work on my feet for up to 10 hours sometime, so these babies are my life saver. I love them.

So hope you are all having a great week! More posts coming this week, promise promise! (With some travel tips and reviews from Italy!)




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