Urban Show


I am always looking for new backdrops for my photos. I know many bloggers choose to only focus their outfits and blur out other details in the photos, but I love showing a bit of what I am doing or where I am in that moment. This backdrop was an obvious “show and tell”. While at the Berlin Bicycle Week I stumbled upon this rad collection of photographs from Carlos Fernandez. Check out his website www.carlosfernandez.de (especially his blog post Fixed in Morocco, really beautiful photos). Once Max and I finally get out apartment sorted, we will definitely have some of his cycling photos around our house. He was kind enough to let me take my photos in front of his exhibit.

Going to a bike show, especially one focused on fixies and classics, I figured leather suspenders were a must. Retro, masculine, and just all around rad (how I like my bikes too). I kept the rest simple and clean: black jeans, white tee and a leopard scarf (a necessity for warmth still).

Suspenders from Diesel | Scarf from Zara | Jeans from H&M | Shoes from Vans |





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