Guten Morgen Berlin


One of my favorite things about Berlin is that it is the city of contrast. Walking through the streets you will be surrounded by business men and women, teens, punks, hippies, tourists, and everyone else possible. It is such a wonderful mixing pot of peoples, cultures, and histories.

Fashion in Berlin is also a crazy mixture of textures, colors, and patterns (at least I think it is/should be). Hence, my mix of a relaxed sport style sweatshirt, crisp black cropped pants and fantastic sequin heeled ankle boots. This H&M Stockholm-Berlin sweatshirt was just too perfect to not pack. It may be a bit cliche but what the heck? It’s fun to play tourist sometimes 😉 As you also may have noticed my hair has undergone some changes as well. A whole lot of my hair was pretty dry and dead from being constantly exposed to sand, salt, and sun in Cambodia. So CHOP CHOP!! And I love the short. It’s easy, wild, and also pink! Perfect for spring. And it brings more contrast to my style since I rarely wear pink. Win win.

Now that I am back from Cambodia (and have internet and my closet again) I will be posting regularly again. So Welcome back Fashion Tetris! Yay! Hope you all had an absolutely lovely weekend and are ready to take on a new week!





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